Tea vs. Coffee


A picture of Tea and coffee shows. Coffee is more popular in mainstream media. ImageSource: Amy Vansant

Mia Born

Coffee and tea are some of the most popular drinks that people drink today but for many people it is this constant fight back and forth over which is better, coffee or tea.

Coffee is a very common beverage that people like to drink. One reason why people drink coffee is because of the caffeine in it. The caffeine gets people’s blood flowing, energizes them and gets people through the day. Caffeine is also very addictive which is why some people cannot help but drink it every day.  

Tea is also a very common beverage in the world. For the most part, the reasons people drink coffee are similar reasons to why people drink tea. For instance tea has caffeine that lots of people enjoy since it helps get them through the day. Tea also has the ability to burn fat as fuel, which can improve muscle endurance.

I think coffee can be viewed in many different ways because there are so are many options on how you want to drink it. For example you can drink it iced or hot, cold brew, cream or no cream, sugar or no sugar. I personally like my coffee with cream and no sugar, hot or iced it really just depends on the season.

In the same sense as coffee, you can drink tea many different ways because there are so many options on how you prefer to drink it. For example you can drink it iced or hot, sweetened or not sweetened, mixed with other drinks and flavored. I personally like to drink tea iced, flavored and mixed with other drinks. Some of my favorite flavors are peach, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry and I love to mix it with lemonade.

For the most part coffee is described as this bold, rich, energizing, intense drink that some people absolutely love to drink. Some people describe coffee as bitter, sharp, sour, nasty and burnt. Some of the people that describe coffee this way is because they like tea and not coffee.

Tea is sometimes described as this heavy, perfumed, sweet, fruity, floral drink that boosts people’s energy. For the people that do not like tea they describe it as this plain, sour, dry, raw, and bitter drink. These people that describe tea this way can sometimes mean they like coffee and not tea. You either like coffee or tea or you like neither.