“Venom” Review


“Venom” is a movie starring Tom Hardy as the main character Eddie Brock. The film was released on Oct. 5, 2018.

Matt Mergenthaler

“Venom” is a movie that was released on Oct. 5 and stars Tom Hardy as the main character Eddie Brock. The film initially received a massive amount of negative reviews from critics and websites such as Rotten Tomatoes, who even went as far as rating the movie a dismal 31%. However, audiences that attended screenings of the movie held opinions of the movie that contrasted significantly with that of the critics’ opinions, the average audience rating being an 88% on Rotten Tomatoes.

First off, “Venom” was definitely not as bad as critics pegged it as being. There were many aspects of the film that were actually quite enjoyable and the acting and cinematography were efficiently executed and at some points even impressive. The action sequences were ambitious in their endeavors and did not disappoint, providing a wonderful and creative display of the true potential that CGI has to be amazing. The music wasn’t anything memorable but it did its job in providing a fitting atmosphere for the different emotions each individual scene was attempting to convey.

The movie’s script was well-written and the performances of the actors were great. However, Tom Hardy’s role as Eddie Brock was the only character who really developed throughout the movie and was arguably the only character that had any substance in my opinion. The other characters were quite bland and underdeveloped and seemed as though their only functions were to help move the plot along rather than provide any real conflict or offer anything interesting to the plot.

“Venom” had a few minor issues and wasn’t exactly the pinnacle of cinematic history, but it was a very fun and carefree film that one might see on the weekend to wind down and relax. The movie serves the purpose it was meant to serve, and that purpose is to simply entertain its audience and assure that they leave the theater happy having had a fun time.