“The Nun” Movie Review


Nitya Shah

“The Nun”, released on Sept. 6, 2018, explores a new crevice of The Conjuring series. Taissa Farmiga plays Sister Irene, Demián Bichir plays Father Burke, and Jonas Bloquet plays Frenchie, just to name a few.

At first, the plot, set in 1952, gives hope to the audience, making the movie seem enjoyably frightful. Two nuns come to grips with a supernatural/demonic presence in an old building. One is taken control of by the darkness and the other hangs herself to prevent the same from happening to her. An experienced priest and a sister are called by the Vatican to Romania. Meeting up with the local who discovered the corpse, they investigate the death of the lady.

Sounds like the framework for a great movie, right? Wrong. In the whole 96 minutes of this story, the audience barely gets the chance to connect with the few characters there are. Even with the different shots of the ominous Roman setting creating a similarity with Wan’s films, “The Nun’s director Corin Hardy found another entry point to a demonic cliché.

When the audience was informed that the abbey was bombed during World War 2, they may have thought that this was a great setup to an even greater, more unique plot. Instead, the director took a completely different path and didn’t go very far in terms of creativity.

Also, this film could have been a great way to connect with Sister Irene’s character; Yet, even with the character’s multiple visions, they made the movie centered more around the plot than the actual characters; this is something that is pretty common among many horror movies. The scary mood of the beginning scenes is not something that stays constant along the movie. Once the characters get to Abbey, the audience can expect basically any horror trick ever used, nothing special.

From the jump-scares and the classic over-the-shoulder shots to a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 26 percent, you shouldn’t expect much from the Corin Hardy’s “The Nun.”