Leading the way


Gianna Rea (11) is standing on top of her drum major podium and is conducting the band. This was Rea’s third year in the Tribe of Pride.

Kelsey Lavin

Every year, the Lake Central Tribe of Pride selects students to serve as Drum Majors for the marching band.  This year, Gianna Rea (11) was one of those talented students who was selected for this position.

“A drum major is an elected individual who guides and motivates the band members,” Rea said.  

As Drum Major, Rea had many responsibilities during the marching band season. She and the other Drum Majors had to make sure they were putting the band on the right track.  

“A Drum Major is the conductor that gives the band the tempo of the music when the band is playing on the field.  Everyone sees us as just conducting, but we do a lot more. Drum Majors run the metronome for the band to listen to during warmups. We also run errands when people need new drill sheets or music copies,” Rea said.  

The 2018 season was Rea’s first year as Drum Major and she found a lot to love about her role in the band.  

“What I like most about being a Drum Major is meeting and interacting with everyone in the band instead of just being secluded to one section. When conducting, it’s a great feeling knowing that my hand movements are in control of the music,” Rea said.

With the marching season over, Rea feels proud of the hard work the band put in throughout the year.  

“I think we worked hard on this year’s show. The music was more advanced and this specific show included a lot more body which made the show more difficult than normal. In the end, we all worked hard to create the amazing and emotional production [that is] “Alone in a Crowd,” Rea said.