Working in a Family Business


Angeliki Pyrros (11) works at Jelly Pancake House in Dyer, IN. She started out as a hostess and now is a server, for her family owned restaurant.

Kayla Price

Angeliki Pyrros (11) is a student, and waitress at Jelly Pancake House on the weekends. This family run business has two locations on Route 30. The first one is located in Dyer, IN, next to Pet Supplies Plus. Their second location is located in Merrillville, IN, across from Portillo’s. Jelly serves breakfast and lunch from 6 a.m.-3 p.m. Pyrro’s uncle co-owns and operates Jelly, with about 25 people working at their Dyer location. Like everything, there are always pros and cons to working for a family owned business.

“Some [employees] are out late at night, at concerts or parties, and call in “sick” the next day. I really can’t call in “sick,” because my family would know the truth,” Pyrros said.

Most people, in their place of work, feel intimidated by their bosses and managers. This makes many employees shy and unwilling to speak up. Angeliki, on the other hand, feels more comfortable with the people she works for. Due to her relationship in the business, some are critical of her work.

“I have to prove myself ten times more than any other worker, to prove I’m not just here because of relation,” said Pyrros.

Despite these challenges, Pyrros enjoys working at Jelly Pancake House. Even if she was not related, Pyrros would still enjoy working there.

“I feel that no matter the job, if you are determined to prove yourself and the work you do, you will and people will notice,” said Pyrros.