Your Average Joe’s


Jonas Sparks (12) serves the ball for his team. This is the third year intramural sports were offered to students.

Michelle Testa

On Tuesday, Nov. 14, Intramural volleyball teams met to play a set of matches. This year marks the third year that Lake Central has offered intramural sports to its students. The teams meet once a week to play and have time to interact with friends outside of school.

“This is our third year and really the administration kind of put the idea out there and they hired me to see what Lake Central kind of wanted to do in terms of Intramural sports,” Andy Gurnak, Physical Education, said.

There are 8 teams registered to play this year. Some teams came up with comical names such as Sugar and Spike while others made team shirts. The atmosphere is fun, yet teams are still competitive and want to win.

“It’s tough to make sports teams here.This is a good way for kids to get with their friends and do something productive at night time in the school week and have some fun with their friends,” Gurnak said.

The regular season lasts for 5 weeks, while every team is guaranteed a spot in play-offs. The next games are scheduled to played on Tuesday, Nov. 20, in the fieldhouse.