A Team Full of Hope


Jack Garson (10) blocks the opponent from getting the puck with the objective of not allowing Crown Point access to it. The Bulldogs ended up scoring four goals.

Adriana Rodriguez

On Nov. 11, the Lake Central white hockey team faced off against the Crown Point Bulldogs. Errors were made that caused the loss, however the players are able to own up to them.

“We could’ve played better positional hockey and [had] more puck movement,” Jason Romer (10) said.

Jack Stokes (10), another player on the team, also shared his input on what the team could have done better to win.

“We could’ve been spread out more, we should’ve [taken] shot[s] when we had the lane to shoot. We needed to be more prepared for the game physically,” Stokes said.

The players were not only open about their mistakes, but their feelings after the loss as well.

“I personally felt kind of disappointed in myself and my team for not playing [our] hearts out, but as a team we are getting progressively better, Stokes said.

Even though the game ended with a loss of 2-4, the team is still optimistic for what comes next this season.

“My hopes for the next game is more effort, more goals, and a win. I hope the rest of the season goes well and we can get more pucks in the net and some more wins,” Joseph Heuberger (9) said.

Jace Hodge, the coach, is also very optimistic about the development of the team as individuals.

“Developing the boys as students, young adults, and players, on and off the ice is our focus/hopes. We hope for a good amount of wins, however we are more focused on development and confidence building.” Hodge said.

Come out and support the boys at their next game on Saturday, Nov. 17 at 3:45 pm. They will be competing against Summit City at Midwest Ice Arena.