Why Thanksgiving is overshadowed by Christmas


When do you start celebrating Christmas, before or after thanksgiving? Image Source: Dave Granlund

Mia Born

The later half of fall is always when there is a big debate over when you can start setting up for Christmas and listen to Christmas music. So when exactly is the right time to begin partaking in Christmas festivities?

I personally think Thanksgiving is definitely overshadowed by Christmas. Thanksgiving is a holiday where you can express how thankful you are with all the things have, but then you have Christmas, which is the season of giving. Some people during Christmas just want gifts and they don’t think about giving to others. They completely disregard the holiday they just celebrated a month ago.

Thanksgiving is only a couple days away and all people are talking about is Christmas. It is so popular to partake in Christmas festivities before Thanksgiving that some people just forget about it. Christmas carols have been on the radio for a couple weeks now, Christmas lights are up and some people even have their trees up.

Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday. I love Christmas and I even set up early but I think Thanksgiving is a special holiday in which you get nothing in return and all you can do is be thankful for what you have. Even though I set up early, I will never miss the meaning of Thanksgiving. I love spending time with family and friends. No gift could ever compare to the happiness they bring me.

Then again, I guess it is okay that Thanksgiving is overshadowed by Christmas in a way. Like I said before, Christmas is the season of giving and not everyone completely overshadows Thanksgiving. So in my opinion, if you love Christmas more than Thanksgiving, at least give Thanksgiving the appreciation it deserves.