Winning by a Landslide


Alexis Casillas (9) swims a backstroke event. The girls took wins in multiple events for each stroke.

Maisie Westerfield

The girls varsity team beat Valparaiso at home on Tuesday, Nov. 27. The final score was 108-78.

“The meet went really well. We had a lot of good swims, a lot of good times and a lot of close races that we won. That helped with the points because we knew it would be a close meet, so we had to do what we practiced for,” Jillian Murray (12) said.

The girls swam strong throughout the meet, taking wins in multiple events for each stroke. They also beat their opponents in both relay events.

“We’re pretty strong as a team this year. I expect that we win [the] Highland Invite and get second at DAC again. I hope that we win Sectionals this year,” Murray said.

Jourie Wilson (9) had an especially strong meet, winning every event she swam. Wilson plans to qualify for State later this year.

“It felt pretty good [to win my events]. To get out there and swim with my teammates is one of the best feelings. They treat me like I’m family and I really appreciate that,” Wilson said.