Hamilton Review


Hamilton is a broadway musical that covers the founding of America and touches on many subjects. “Hamilton” was created by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Tiffanie Richerme, Copy Editor

The dynamic and widely-renowned musical, “Hamilton,” attracts viewers of all ages with its beloved soundtrack, talented cast and its twist on historical events, making it one of the most popular musicals of its time.

“Hamilton” follows the story of American founding father, Alexander Hamilton, played by Miguel Cervantes, as he navigates the political world and faces people who challenge his beliefs.  Hamilton, an immigrant from the Carribean, uses his wit and passion to fight in the Revolutionary War and eventually rise to the position of Secretary of Treasury under George Washington, played by Tamar Greene.

Although Hamilton seems to be unstoppable as he faces political opponents, such as Aaron Burr, played by Akron Watson, who, along with temptation, lead to Hamilton’s demise.

The success of “Hamiltonis partly due to its diversity, from the coverage of historical events, such as the Revolutionary War to its upbeat, hip-hop dominated soundtrack, making it attractive to both younger and older audiences.  “Hamiltonalso invokes a wide range of emotions, from excitement to anger and sadness.

Hamiltonpreviously ran on Broadway in New York before debuting in Chicago, attracting a wide demographic of people.

The creator of “Hamilton,” Lin-Manuel Miranda, is not new to the world of broadway, having previously helped create the successful musical “In the Heights,” as well as his previous work on the soundtrack of Disney’s “Moana.”  “Hamilton has been Miranda’s most successful broadway production.

Hamiltonalso attracts viewers with its wide range of diverse scenes, from duels to weddings, giving it an interesting plot line.

The amazing Broadway musical appeals to many audiences and has a diverse, dynamic cast that works together wonderfully with its behind-the-scenes effects, making “Hamilton” one of my favorite productions.