Freshmen Girls Basketball: Lake Central vs. Valparaiso


Sydney Copak (9) prepares to shoot the basketball, concentrating on her shot as the other players watched. The girls won against Valparaiso, 44-12.

Cindy Torres

On Nov. 20, 2018, the freshman girls basketball team went up against Valparaiso. They started strong ending the first quarter with a score of 9-2. They worked well together on and off the court.

“[My favorite part about this season has] honestly been getting close with all the new girls from the other schools, and improving and growing as a team. Our team was struggling in the beginning, but I feel like now, we are so much better, and work a lot better as a team,” Olivia Hecht (9) said.

The girls prevailed and got ahead of Valparaiso. However, a lot of effort went into the compatibility of the team.

“At the beginning, I thought we were separated because we all came from different schools, but now since we are getting more into the season, I feel like we’ve all become more of a family,” Olivia Heuertz (9) said.

At the third quarter, the girls were up by 29-9. The players started to become fatigued, but pushed their way through the last two quarters.

“[I think] I could have done better dribbling and passing, and I should have shot more, but I’ll work on that,” Hecht said.

Some of the freshmen have only been playing basketball for a short amount of time. However, regardless of how much they have played, they are all working together to improve as a team.

“I’ve been playing since 8th grade,” Heuertz said.

The girls season just started, and they were happy to have won their game.

“I really wanted to win, and because we were struggling in the beginning, we got on them in the end and won,” Hecht said.

The girls ended up defeating Valparaiso with a final score of, 44-12.