The Lane to Success: Region Rumble Bowling Tournament


Brett Cobban (12) throws his bowling ball down the lane. He was warming up before the tournament.

Brenna Sealy

The Boys Bowling Team travelled to Michigan City on Saturday, Dec. 1 to participate in the annual Region Rumble Bowling Tournament. The boys struggled at first, but after lots of hard work and dedication they made it to finals. They then placed second in finals after losing to Griffith.

“At the end of the first two games, you could tell no one wanted to be there. We really needed a break, and we got that break, right before the final five games. When we hit those final five, we all talked and agreed that it was go time, and from that point, the team was on fire,” Ricky Paz (11) said.

At this tournament specifically, the top four teams moved on to finals. The boys were seeded fifth after the first two games, and had five more games to prove themselves.

“I felt as if we had nothing to lose and that is where we bowl our best: when we simplify it to rolling the ball and hanging out with the team,” Brett Cobban (12) said.

There are a lot of other factors that go into bowling well, and mindset is one of the most considerable factors. Getting prepared for a tournament is an extremely important step to success.

“I usually prepare [in] more mental [ways] than anything. [I do that] by listening to music or even logging out of social media. It helps me to stay focused to the point where I am concentrated on only bowling,” Zak Cotter (9) said.

The provided support from teammates is a big help in staying focused during a tournament.  The seniors feel as though they are responsible to help.

“I do feel I have a certain responsibility now that I am a senior. I feel as if I am the one who had to control the other’s emotions and try to calm them down when they get mad. I also think I am somewhat responsible for offering advice for adjustments,” Cobban said.

Because of all of the time spent practicing, the boys have very close relationships with each other. They can all celebrate and work harder with the end goal of out-bowling Griffith in mind.

“[Griffith is] undefeated for this whole year in any match or tournament, so we took our loss with a grain of salt. I think it was just the fire and energy the team had [that made it worthwhile],” Paz said.