Acting With A Passion


Rachel Davids (10) sits reading her thoughts out loud out of her journal. She played one the lead roles in the show.

Isabella Watts

The Lake Central Advanced Theater classes performed two scripted shows on Dec. 6. The students do four performances throughout the year long class.

“If you’re in advanced theater, every year you do four shows, which are after school. Two of them are improv or sketch comedy shows, and the other two are scripted,” Antonio Rios (12 ) said.

The students are required to take a regular theater class and then can choose to move on to the advanced class the following year.

“First you have to take regular theater class, [which is] mainly prepping for this class. [In] regular theatre we do a lot of improv and the basics and learning it all. Then once [we have gotten] to advanced theatre we do shows like these,” Tenley Edvardsen (10) said.

Many of the students started acting at a young age and do many of Lake Central’s shows along with community theater shows.

“I started acting when I was about four, with a lot of community theatre. Then I started doing school theatre once I got into middle school,” Edvardsen said.

The students will continue to work on new creative ideas and go onto to perform two more after school shows this school year.