Angel Tree


Students donate money or gifts for the less fortunate throughout the Lake Central community. The Angel Tree Program is ran through the Salvation Army. Image Source: Pfc. Nicholas P. Baird, Marine Corps.

Michelle Testa

The Angel Tree Program is a holiday program through the Salvation Army that helps provide Christmas presents for children in families who may not be able to afford presents or other necessities during the holiday season. Lake Central High school has participated in this program for multiple years now. Students and staff can help by either donating money or toys.

Each PTE class is assigned an Angel Tree. They are given the child’s name, age and a list of toys and gifts that the child has asked for. Some classes focus on their one child, while other classes have multiple Angel Trees.

The idea of the program is to help those in our community or surrounding area that may not be as fortunate to receive Christmas gifts. The holiday season can be a financially stressful time for some families, but everyone deserves to experience opening a gift on Christmas day.

By participating in the Angel Tree program, Lake Central students are able to make a positive impact throughout their community. After all the money is collected, teachers and staff members will use the donations to purchase toys from different stores.