Christmas Music


There are many ways to get into the holiday spirit and one of the most popular ways is to listen to Christmas music.

Isabella Brazzale

During the holiday season there are many songs for people to listen to as they, wrap christmas presents, make cookies and decorate their Christmas tree. When is it okay to start listening to Christmas music? Is it weird to listen to it before Thanksgiving? Halloween? What about year round?

“I think it is okay to start listening to Christmas music right after Thanksgiving. I don’t it’s weird when people listen to Christmas music before then, it’s kind of crazy but listening to Christmas music is fine. I like to jam out to Mariah Carey anytime. If it’s like everyday in the car before school that your listening to Christmas music it’s probably not okay, but if Mariah Carey comes on shuffle then you just have to listen to it,” Abigail McDaniel (12) said.

Although some may feel the christmas spirit pretty early in the year others are strongly against enjoying Christmas music throughout the year. Some may say you should not listen to It until after Thanksgiving, and some even say not until Dec. 1.

“Black Friday is when you can start [listening to Christmas music]. You shouldn’t listen to Christmas music in a public place before then, you shouldn’t be blasting it before Thanksgiving or Halloween, just stop, don’t do that. It annoys me when people listen to it year round, because it ruins the whole thing, it gets overplayed,” Kelly Williams (11) said.

Those who just can’t get enough of Christmas argue their case as to why it is always okay to listen to Christmas music. In the end they believe if that is what makes you happy that’s what you should do. Christmas music makes them happy so that’s why you just my catch some holiday fanatics listening to christmas music even if it’s the first day of school.

“It is okay to start listening to Christmas music when you are ready, so whenever. It is never to early to listen to Christmas music, because if it makes you happy then you should do it. It is okay to listen to Christmas music year round, it makes me happy, I could listen to it year round but some other people may not like to do that, but that’s up to them. I don’t listen to it constantly, I probably start in like Aug. Or Sept., “ Mrs. Amy Wilkins,social studies, said.