Girls JV Basketball defeats Michigan City


Essence Johnson (10) guards her opponent. Johnson was trying to add pressure to the player so they would not make a basket.

Katharine Mahoney

On Friday, Dec. 7, the JV girls basketball faced Michigan City at home. The girls were able to celebrate a victory that night with a score of 44-22. The girls hope to improve on their plays by reflecting on previous games.

“As a team, I think we performed really well. This game [was] our sixth game we won in a row. We do have some things to get better at, but overall, our team played good,” Sarah Cunningham (10) said.

It is only the beginning of the season for the girls and most of the girls are new to this team and they have to learn how to work together. The did this by team bonding off the court.

“We have bonded together as a team throughout the season by having some pasta parties and coming together to collect items for St. Jude house,” Makenna Hullinger (10) said.

The team accomplished many things throughout the night, but also have some things to improve on. The team feels that there is always something that can be done better.

“We need to work on being a bit better on our defense and communicating to each other on the court together,” Jacqueline Kosina (10) said.

Since the season has just recently started,the girls are looking forward to playing the rest of it. They have things to improve on and goals to accomplish.

“Some goals I have for the team is to win the conference tournament this year. We can accomplish this by playing hard throughout the season and supporting each other,” Hullinger (10) said.