Looking Forward to Winter


Snow is slowly melting from our last snow fall. The official winter season will begin on Dec. 21.

Emily Bell

With winter beginning on Friday, Dec. 21, students begin to look forward to the winter season and winter break. With Christmas coming soon after winter has begun, Christmas and other winter classic movies fill the television channels.

“I look forward to sleeping in and watching Christmas movies. My favorite Christmas movie is ‘Home Alone,’” Kaden Jull (11) said.

The week before winter break is filled with difficult finals, which stresses some students to the breaking point. Some students like Jovana Lakic (10) lose sleep over this time period, but know they can catch up on sleep during break.

“I don’t look forward to finals and I can not wait for winter break at all. [I plan on] sleeping and catching up on all my missed sleep. That’s all I need,” Lakic said.

Along with catching up on sleep, students find comfort in curling up at home and enjoy staying inside away from the cold weather. Next year, more movies are scheduled to be released, including “Avengers: Endgame.”

“I look forward to just having hot cocoa by a fire. I love the “Avengers” series so much. I can’t wait [until] next winter so the next movie can come out,” Maren Hufnagl (12) said.