“Thank You, Next” Music Video Review


Ariana Grande's cover for her new hit single "Thank You, Next."

Hannah Kosinski

Ariana Grande dropped a new music video on Nov. 30. The video smashes YouTube records and all kinds of people went crazy over the video. Before the video premiered, fans has suspicions because of the album covers’ look, that the video would have something to do with “Mean Girls.” When the video aired it was almost immediately trending on YouTube and I was so excited to watch it.

I love the song, I think it is very catchy and sassy. I have honestly listened to the song countless times and I am very proud of Ariana. She has come a long way and deserves this. She put so much hard work into this song and music video and it really showed.

When you first start the video there’s the iconic scene from “Mean Girls” of the students talking about Regina George, but in Grande’s video, the students are talking about here. I absolutely loved that Colleen Ballinger was included in the video and thought it was so funny of them to include and make the joke about her being pregnant because of a rumor about Ariana Grande. And I also adored all of the other cameos in the opening scene, it really added to the overall appeal and relaventness of the video. Another detail that was perfect was when the song started and the song title and artist popped on the screen, it was the font for “Mean Girls,” which was a nice touch.

The scene after that is Ariana Grande with her “Burn Book” and singing about her exes. In this scene, she looked flawlessly beautiful and was throwing some serious shade and hints at the audience and people in (and out) of her life.

After the bedroom scene we cut to another iconic “Mean Girls” scene of the “Plastics” walking down the hall and the Jingle Bells song scene with Kris Jenner. Seeing Kris Jenner in the video made me so happy. I think it was absolutely hilarious that she was playing the mom. That role was made for her. And just like everything else in the video the attention to detail, the gold lettering in the backdrop of the stage spelling out “Thank You, Next” was very appreciated by yours truly. Next up to bat is the teeth brushing scene from “Bring It On” with her old co-star, Matt Bennett, that cameo made me very excited and happy to see, it was a pleasant inclusion.

The bathroom scene and the bedroom scene with Grande on her bed with pom poms bounce back and forth, which she was super cute with her little dances with the pompoms, I can really appreciate it. Along with the other “Bring It On” scenes, the cheerleading at the football game scene was in the video, the video wouldn’t have been the same without it. At this point in the video, I was just falling deeper in love with all the costumes, and makeup and perfectly recreated scenes from some of my favorite movies. I loved being able to see all of them put together with so many interesting and fun easter eggs put to the stunning vocals and catchy tune of “Thank You, Next.” After “Bring It On,” “13 Going on 30” has its time in the spotlight. I didn’t realize that Grande was doing such an on-point job at matching her hair to the corresponding movies until I saw her as Jenna from “13 Going on 30.” In the scene we see Ariana Grande walking from her best friend’s wedding to her house with the iconic dollhouse with magic wishing dust on it. And quite literally “just like magic” we are swept into the next scene from the movie “Legally Blonde.” Ariana pulls up and gets out of her black Porsche with her little dog completely slaying the screen in its  iconic pink and immaculate outfit. Seeing the part with the beauty salon with the girls talking about their exes, the references and sly comments made here had me laughing and smiling bunches. I thoroughly enjoyed the scene and the scripting that went into it. Closing up the video, we see multiple scenes from all four movies of Ariana Grande genuinely having fun and having a good time with everyone on set, it looked natural and cheery. The last scene is my absolute favorite of Kris Jenner and her hilarious line. That line made me laugh so hard. It is the best part of the video. Every time I watch it, she gets a laugh out of me. Overall, the music video had a lot of visible hard work and time put into it. I personally loved all the references and jokes made. The music itself is a reason you should check out the video. I most definitely recommend it. Thank you, next.