Scrimmage Against the Brickies


Kyle Blum (11) dribbles the ball to pass to one of his teammates to score a point. Unfortunately, they did not get the point for the team.

Mia Born

Thursday night, Nov. 15, the boys varsity basketball team had a scrimmage against the Hobart Brickies. They lost the first quarter 24-20, but brought the game back and won the last three quarters 16-8, 23-9 and 21-9.

“The first quarter was a little rough, in the sense of defense we are a little slow on our  assignments. As the game went on, we started to settle down and improve and address those things that we talked about in timeouts and at the end of the quarter,” Coach Dave Milausnic said.

The boys have high goals for themselves this year, one being getting to Sectionals, but they have a lot to improve to get there.

“I think we will do well enough to win Sectionals this year even though we have a lot to improve on and then we will see from there,” Ami Khatra (11) said.

Some of the boys have students and family come to their games and support and cheer for them.

“It was nice to have some students and family there to support the team because it really helps our confidence,” Nick Anderson (11) said.

Their next game is Monday, Nov. 19, at 7 p.m. against Andrean High School.