Rivalry Makes It Close


Jack Davis (12) dribbles the ball to get away from a player on the Munter team. Last year's game against Munster, Nick Anderson (11) shot a buzzer beater to win. Photo by: Kiley Szatkowski

Kiley Szatkowski

On Tuesday night, Dec. 18, the boys varsity basketball team faced off against their biggest rival.  With a final score of 37-47 the boys never seemed to give up. They fought hard the whole way through but unfortunately couldn’t come out with a win.

“We didn’t play our best game but still battled with a great team. We could’ve been better poised on offense and more dialed in on defense,” Nick Anderson (11) said.

Several of the players believed that if their energy was higher the game could’ve been closer.  The lack of energy and motivational drive resulted in the 10 point loss.

“Energy has been a challenge for us lately but we had some good energy tonight against our rival. But it could’ve been a lot better. We knew it was going to be close throughout the game and I really did think we could’ve came out on top today,” Hunter Zezovski (11) said.

The boys look forward to the rest of the season.  Several of them are hoping to improve more everyday and aren’t letting this loss control their future.

“Our main focus is how to get better everyday and to take things step by step,” Kyle Blum (11) said.

Come out and support your boys at their next game.