Review on wndr museum


This ethereal room showcases what it feels like to walk along the clouds. The imaginative room was filled with color and inspiration.

Audrey DiFilippo

The trend of pop-up instagram museums just keeps growing, and the Wndr Museum is no exception. Wndr Museum is Chicago’s own experimental museum. The museum is filled with different rooms that explore the marvels of our world.

When you first walk in, you are greeted by employees and they have you choose a color of string they tie around your wrist. At the end of your journey through the museum you color will tell you about yourself. When you turn out of the entrance you see a stunning sign filled with flowers. As you turn to the left, you turn into a room with two typewriters. The workers will type out your custom poem that you write and you can pick it up at the end of the tour. This room also contains squishy lights that change to the color of whatever you hold it up against.

After you put your extra belongings into a locker, you approach floating balloon chairs. The next room holds a neutrino detector, which combines both science and art. A neutrino detector can study and identify neutrinos, which are microscopic subatomic particles. The next few rooms have walls of shiny prisms, a geometrical design made out of straws and colored lights, and an optical illusion room that makes one side of the room really short, and the other side really tall. Other rooms have colorful clouds on the ceiling, a zero-gravity chamber with floating balloons, a mural of emoji faces, plasma balls and a LED light-up floor that lights up with your movements. One of the last stops is a circle made of cords. When you hold a tin can up to the cords you hear a different song in each. This museum features a room made by Yayoi Kusama, a world-renowned Japanese artist. Her room is the Infinity Mirror Room, where you experience what forever truly looks like. After you exit the Infinity Room, you come up to a wall that has pixels that reflects you and your movements. The last exhibit has a wall filled with quotes by previous people who have visited the museum. Once you have filled out your card and added it to the wall, you have completed touring the wndr museum.

 This museum was so fun to explore and I enjoyed the different aspects of it. Rather than going to a “museum” that is just filled with pretty walls, this museum incorporated science. It was cool to see how beautiful and unique our world really is.