“Aquaman” Movie Review


This is the main character of the movie, Aquaman. This photo depicted the seen of Aquaman saving Atlantis from the evil king.

Reyna Mahan

“Aquaman,” released on Dec. 21, 2018, explores a twist on your typical superhero movie as it takes place underwater instead of on land. Jason Momoa plays the infamous “Aquaman” or Arthur Curry, King of Atlantis while, Amber Heard plays Mera as daughter of King Nereus and Willem Dafoe plays Nuidis Vulko as Atlantis’ counselor, just to name a few popular stars featured in the film.  

The movie begins with Tom Curry, Aquaman’s father, finding Queen Atlanna washed on shore by his home. Curry goes out to rescue Atlanna from the monstrous hurricane about to hit the shore. Thus, begins a love story forbidden by land and sea.

As the movie continues, Atlanna is set to leave her family to return to Atlantis. This scene creates the emotional connection to the characters that  the audience craves.This was a typical sob fest that lead perfectly into the great vengeance of Aquaman. With the continuation of the movie, the audience displays the emotions and reactions that are supposed to be created by a movie. The film created the perfect emotions that us movie junkies love.

Now reaching the climax of the story, the audience has felt the love, the pain and the rivalry between the characters brought upon them. In the climax, we can see Aquaman fighting for his position as king. Though he does not want to be king, he has already been more of a king than anyone could have asked for. This portrays him as a hero who fills the audience’s heart with joy. As the scene continues, the audience is left hanging by the edge of their seat to see what will happen next.

As the final scene approaches, the audience is thrown a plot twist no one was expecting. This curveball kept the fascination of the movie alive. For 30 minutes, the audience is left wanting more and to see how the movie will end. As the scene comes to a close, Atlanna returns to see Tom Curry, her long lost love, leaving another heartfelt scene for us romantics.

If you are looking for mystery, love, passion, pain and all emotions you crave from a movie, “Aquaman” is the movie for you. The film will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat to see what will happen next.