Just Keep Swimming


Lake Central was in the lead during this heat as the boys battled against Chesterton while swimming freestyle.

Mackenzie Guthrie

On Wednesday January 9, the boys JV swim team went up against the Chesterton JV swim team at Lake Central.

The boys on the JV team had been practicing for hours on end before this meet took place to improve their swimming skills. The team was well prepared for the meet. The boys have another swim meet coming up on January 15 at Crown Point.

“We have been doing really well [with] focusing on what we need, which is getting better times and not worrying about the competition as much because my team and I know we can beat most of these teams,” Sajjad Jaffer (10) said.

The team has been striving to improve their swimming skills by trying to beat their own times. At the meet, both the boys and girls junior varsity team alternated swimming against the Chesterton teams. Many parents and students cheered up in the bleachers to motivate the swimmers to swim even faster.  

“One thing I would like to improve on this season is working on my strokes and making them way better. I think as a team, our sportsmanship has been really good this season,” David VanVleck (12) said.

The JV team has been able to work together very well this season in order to get better at their sport. Although the JV boys team lost the meet against Chesterton with a score of 33-128, they still swam hard to make sure they finished strong.