Diving into DAC


Hanna Solon (11) places 3rd and gets to stand on the platform holding her victory ribbon. Madison Mercer (10) and Maddy Watson (11) stood next to the platform and represented their places.

Kelly Hayes

On Saturday, Jan. 12 the girls varsity diving team competed in their DAC meet. They went through 11 rounds of diving until the final places were announced. The girls won third place with Hannah Solon (11), sixth Place with Madison Mercer (10), and eighth place with Madison Watson (11).

”[Now that the meet is over I feel] very relieved, it’s very stressful so when it’s over you can finally take a breathe. I did not have high hopes at all [going into the meet.] I did not think I was going to do very well because I haven’t been doing very well. But I very pleasantly surprised with how it went,” Hannah Solon (11) said.

DAC is one of the most important meets. It can determine whether you make it into regionals. With the pressure of that on their shoulders they may wish they could have done some things differently.

“I wish I wouldn’t have been so confidant. I should have just taken my time and think through what I was doing and [that] I’m here to try and beat my past scores not other peoples scores ,” Madison Mercer (10) said.

Being a coach of a team with only three members can get challenging but it can also make it easier. Coach Hidi is the coach of the girls diving team who was cheering them on from the sidelines the whole way.

“I feel confident going into this meet, my girls are good at what they do. I was pretty proud after the meet, we placed and they was only a few three’s in their scores,” Coach Hidi said.