Flipping into a new record


Madeline Bugg (10) leaps in mid air while performing her most anticipated performance, the beam. Bugg nailed her performance and scored a 9.4.

Camille Bereolos

On Tuesday, Jan. 15, the girls gymnastics team competed on their stomping grounds against Lowell. The team, as a whole, was not nervous, but individuals were nervous for particular events.

“[I felt nervous] for beam, but I think everyone is nervous for beam because it is four feet off the ground and anything could happen,” Madeline Bugg (10) said.

Although the team was not as nervous as meets in the past, it was still a competition. Every meet the team is competing against their own scores and want to do the best they can. The girls beat the team school record by receiving a cumulative score of 109.15.

“I think we need to fix little mistakes because our team is already really good, and we are getting better every meet. I am very happy for the team that we broke the record,” Cloe Amanatidis (9) said.

Not only did the team beat the team school record, sophomore, Madeline Bugg, beat the individual All-Around score with a final score of 37.45.  Bugg broke Lauren Ross’ (‘09) record of 37.25.

“I felt pretty good, but I was happier for what my team put in for the team record. Overall, I think we all did [well],” Bugg (10)