Jazzy Jams


Nate Sorrentino (10) plays the piano during a jazz concert. This was Sorrentino’s second year in the Jazz band. Photo Credit: Sarah Huszar (10)

Kelsey Lavin

With all the music programs this school offers, it’s inevitable that some students will start to show an interest in writing their own music. One student in particular has taken his love for music and started to create music of his own.

“To be honest, I just like to create things from my head. If I had picked up drawing or painting when I was little, I would’ve liked it just as much today. Music is a very good medium for creativity and I’m glad I chose it,” Nate Sorrentino (10) said.

Sorrentino plays many different instruments, including piano and drums, and often spends his time playing and writing music with his friends. Sorrentino writes many different genres of music, but mainly writes jazz influenced pieces.  

“I write a lot of jazz and R&B influenced music because of the ways harmonies come together. I’m a fan of how different clashing chords come together and [the] cool rhythms involved,” Sorrentino said.

For Sorrentino, music is not only a hobby for him, but it also has been a big influence in his life. Music has shaped his life and made him the person he is.   

“Music has honestly been my life. I’ve never really been good at anything else, I was bad at sports and I’m not a genius in school. Music has given me an identity,” said Sorrentino.

Because of Sorrentino’s love for music, he plans to go on and pursue a career in it.  

“In the future I plan on either educating music or maybe being a music composer of some sort,” Sorrentino said.