Saverio Kijewski Computer Programming


Saverio Kijewski (10) is programming software to complete a project for school. Sam’s knowledge of computer programming has helped him during many activities.

Abigail Goss

Sam Kijewski (10), enjoys building and programming computers. Not only does this hobby benefit himself, but also his friends.

“I build computers for anyone who is interested in building their own custom computer. I’ve built all of my friends personal computers and I’ve built my own personal computer so in total I’ve built around six custom computers for my friends. They buy the parts and I help them put it together,” said Kijewski.

Saverio Kijewski is looking into a future in the computer programming world. His current experience and ambition will help him in the future.

“I’m hoping this experience will help me get a job as a game developer. I don’t want to be a part of the massive companies with teams made up of hundreds of people. I want to be a part of a smaller company and help them get their idea out for all the world to see. That is where you will find the most creative and innovative ideas,” said Kijewski.

Kijewski’s involvement in programming has allowed his personal traits and ability to accept criticism grow. These experiences have also allowed him to improve his people-skills and how he interprets certain events.

¨It’s really made me more open to criticism and to what other people have to say. Everybody does things in their own way and when they learn something new in programming, some people might interpret it differently than what it actually means. It’s made me more cooperative and excited to work on new projects and to work with new people,¨ said Saverio Kijewski (10)

Most people have something that inspires them and shows them who they can be. Most people have the thing that allows them to create and grow. For Sam Kijewski, computer programming inspires and creates his personality

“No matter how hard it might seem to make a game, when you get your idea out there for the world to see it, will be worth it,” said Kijewski said.