Justice in the Air


Victor Mikuly (11) plan to join the Airforce when he leaves high school. He hopes to have a career in being an aeronautical engineer or helicopter pilot for our country.

Jeanoa Cameron

Victor Mikuly is one of the many students at this school that would like to serve our country after high school. Joining a career with such high stakes for life or death is not common, but Victor is fully aware of the risks that he would face every day. With a full plan of how his career will go, Victor plans to join the Air Force and later become a police officer to help those that are in need.

“The Army wasn’t my thing and then I found the Air Force Academy. I want to be an aeronautical engineer and work on the planes and design new planes but I also want to fly; I want to be a helicopter pilot or a fighter jet pilot. I’m probably going to go for about ten years, get my experience and then get out and then I want to be in the police force after that,” Mikuly said.

Not only does Victor know what he is going to do in the military, but he also has planned the steps to attain his goal of joining the Airforce and being successful at it.

“I can stay at [the Academy] for four years unless I want to be a pilot or doctor which would make it an extra four or five. After that I would have to serve five years of active duty to pay for college. So I want to join the Air Force Academy and then go to the Air Force for about five or ten years. After that I’ll have tons of knowledge and I’ll get my career,” Mikuly said.
Victor’s family history of service has been a big influencer on his career path. Close family members that he looks up to have persuaded him to follow in their footsteps.

“My brother influenced me to join the military because my brother was my best friend for my whole life, so seeing him go into the army, I thought it was cool. My grandpa was also in the marines and I have a lot of cops and firefighters in my family,” Mikuly said.