Lake Central Denied Waiver


Lake Central School Board reacts to Terry Mucha, Director of Human Resources, announcing that the State denied the corporations waiver. This is Mucha’s first year as the Director of Human Resources.

Kevin Holechko

After a week full of ice, snow and dangerous cold, the Lake Central School Board finally convened on Feb. 4. Discussing a number of topics including updates on Westlake, honoring the Grimmer Middle School seventh and eighth-grade basketball teams who were conference champions, and a financial update from Rob James, Director of Business Services.

Though the meeting was not like ones from earlier in the school year, it is sure to be a meeting talked about for months to come after Terry Mucha, Director of Human Resources, announced that the State of Indiana denied the district a waiver that would have allowed two of the six cancellation days to be exempted and not needed to be made up.

“We will survey the teachers to see if they would like to give up President’s Day and Good Friday. We will also check with bus drivers and see if they are available. That would make up two of the days,” Terry Mucha, Director of Human Resources said.

This leaves four days not completed therefore the school would make them up like normal. Commencement being on most seniors minds, many are asking, “why can we not do make up days over Spring Break?” Though it is an option the school said it is one that is off the table, “it would certainly take up all five of the days but there are too many families who have already made plans and too many staff members who have already made plans, so it would be too hard to get teachers in. Attendance would not be that great,” Mucha said.

Should the majority of teachers or bus drivers say they cannot make it to work on any of the days the administration has proposed the school would begin exploring several more options.

“We would begin exploring all options for seniors at that point. We would prefer them not to come back after graduation, but we are required by law to do 180 days so we do follow this law. We would like to make it comfortable for our seniors because they are one of our priorities,” Mucha said.

As far as commencement goes the idea of changing the date has not been talked about amongst the administration

“There is no discussion at this time of pushing back graduation. [Moving graduation] would be difficult with families coming in and plans already made, that would not be an option we would want to take,” Mucha said.