2019 Super Bowl Commercial review


Harrison Ford appers in a Super Bowl commercial for Alexa after half time. This comercial was one of the few commercials that were well liked.

Kelly Hayes

The Super Bowl is known for its commercials and every year companies pay thousands or millions of dollars to sponsor their company during the game that everyone watches. Each year, the Super Bowl commercials are introduced and companies spare no expense when it comes to making their commercial stand out.

 This year many of the classic Super Bowl commercials such as Doritos, Pepsi and many others left people with a smile on their face. However, some unexpected commercials included Alexa, T-Mobile, Avengers and even the 100th season NFL commercial that left people with a surprised but enjoyed look on their face. Despite the seeming praise for many these commercials, the game and halftime show seem to have left people unsatisfied.

Along with the game and halftime show, there are also many mixed comments on whether people like this year’s Super Bowl commercials or not. Out of the many commercials that played this year most people have a favorite. Most people look forward to a specific brand commercial before the Super Bowl even begins. And Many people were let down by many basic or uncreative commercial, making it seem like just another football game.

The commercials much like the game and the half time show we unsatisfying and uncomfortable. There were good ones like Alexa, pepsi, and doritos, others were unsettling and left people cringing by the end like the turbotax robot baby and the beer commercial with the girl whispering into the microphone. Many say that over all this years Super Bowl just wasnt worth it.