Dance the night away


Carly Gibson (12) gets in the zone while performing their hip-hop dance. There were many schools that travelled to St. John for the competition.

Charmagne Abangan

  Many schools from all over Indiana travelled to St. John to compete at the dance invitational on Saturday, Feb. 9. This was the 26th annual invitational hosted at home.   

  “Having an invitational at home is always a lot of fun. [We are] able to appreciate our seniors and feel confident on our own floor, but we also take every competition seriously and worked our hardest. The pressure was definitely still on even though we were in exhibition since this was our own floor and we need to impress the judges still and get a good read before nationals,” Jessica Rech (12) said.

  The Varsity and JV Centralettes competed in three categories. They performed in Pom, Hip-hop and Jazz.  

  “I’m on JV this year, so I don’t compete in Pom, but I have in the past and I think it’s really hard. I think the girls are doing amazing at balancing all three dances and making it look effortless,” Meghan Martewicz (9) said.

  After 10 years, the girls brought back pom as one of their categories. The girls attempted to give their all while performing the dance.

  “Our Pom dance this year has been our toughest dance since it’s packed with challenging tricks and requires a lot of endurance but we have spent a lot of time working and defining all of its details. [At LCDI], we went out and were able to have fun with the dance while also focusing on putting on a good performance for the judges,” Rech said.

  Once all of the schools performed in their categories, the ladies participated in the turnathon. It was a fundraiser to raise awareness for breast cancer.

  “The turnathon has happened every year for some time and I’m sure it will continue to. The turnathon is always so fun for all of us [because] it gives us a chance to have fun with our team and the money goes to a good cause,” Martewicz said.