Summer Can’t Come Any Quicker

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Summer Can’t Come Any Quicker

Michelle Testa

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The Midwestern states experienced the “Polar Vortex” in January, causing many school
cancellations and delays. Temperatures were at record breakingly low numbers. Businesses,
schools and government offices were closed during the coldest days.
Lake Central High School received five days of school off due to the extremely cold
temperatures and snow accumulation. Although many students enjoyed their time off, they will
now be regretting it come June.
Due to the multiple cancellations, Lake Central now has to push back the last day of school and
the finals schedule. The last day of school for the 2018-2019 school year is Tuesday, June 4. This
has caused many moans and groans around the school hallways, especially with the graduating
Seniors will now have to graduate on Sunday, June 2, and then return to school the following
Monday to complete finals. The class of 2019 is not excited about having to come back to school
after they have walked across the stage. There were rumors regarding giving the senior class a
different final schedule so that they would not have to return to school after commencement,
however this has proven to be false.
The faculty and administration came together to discuss whether or not to come to school on
President’s Day and Good Friday, but both remained as “no-school” day. Even though the school
enjoyed its five days of relaxation and sleeping in, students will be antsy for summer break when
June rolls around.