One Day at a Time: Review


Penelope, portrayed by Justina Machado, converses with her immigrant widowed mother Lydia, played by Rita Moreno. One Day at a Time covers many important topics in today’s world from addiction to racism.

Nitya Shah

One Day at a Time is easily one of my favorite sitcoms from today’s age. A simple way to describe this phenomenal show would be a single mother tries to keep her family together. Yet, after just one episode, you come to realize that this series is so much more than just that. With the newest season coming out less than a week ago, my support for this show has only increased exponentially.

The series follows a retired veteran and single mom, Penelope Garcia, who is portrayed by Justina Machado, raising her Cuban-American family in the city of Los Angeles, combating everyday struggles, which only make them stronger.

Each family member deals with a personal conflict, which only brings the whole family closer together. Penelope deals with PTSD, anxiety and depression after fighting for our country. Her daughter, Elena, deals with her sexuality and learning what it means to be gay in today’s world. Penelope’s son, Alex, is growing up, trying to fit in, and adjusting to the teenager lifestyle. Penelope’s mother is an outgoing, widowed immigrant, who has trouble dealing with the loss of her husband and struggles to let go of her dream to return to her motherland, Cuba.

My favorite thing about this show is that not only does it follow a traditional sitcom setup, making the show lovable right off the bat, but at the same time tackles many important issues. Almost every episode is a learning experience for the family, dealing with many topical, yet completely relevant, problems in today’s society. From racism to harassment to drugs and addiction, this series not only is a learning experience, but an enjoyable and applicable one.

Besides the remarkable plot and storylines, the acting of the characters is phenomenal. Each and every actor is perfect for the role they play and I was truly entertained from the beginning to the end. With this came an immense character development for each of the family members, even with Lydia, who is very traditional and does not like change.

If you are looking for a show that is heartwarming, relevant, and hilarious, then I highly recommend this show. It is definitely one of my favorites, so I am keeping my head up for a season 4. From the amazing plot to the installation of many controversial topics, One Day at a Time will not disappoint.

One Day at a Time is now streaming on Netflix.