French Recipe Presentations


Josh Garza (10) opens up the French presentations by being one of the first to people to present. The presentations were about a French recipe.

Mia Born

Miss. Beverly Bovard’s, Foreign Language,  3rd hour French ll class presented recipes they translated into French on March 7.

“I think my presentation went ok, I had been practicing for a while and I understood all the words I was using,” Cora McCoy (10) said.

All the students in the class had to come up with a recipe they wanted and translate into French and tell it to the class.

“The project was not hard at all. The directions given, were very simple and it was applying what we’ve learned over the course of two years. I do like the French language,” Emma Mysliwiec (10) said.

Many of the students love this class and would recommend it to people because of how the class tests you.

“I like French. French one was way better than French two. I’d recommend it to someone who’s up for a challenge,” Ryan McDaniel (10) said.

To earn an academic honors diploma students have to get three years of a language or two years of one language and two more years of a different language.

“I am staying at least one more year in french so I am able to get academic honors, but I am undecided on whether or not I will take it senior year,” Emma Mysliwiec (10) said.

Even though some students thought the class was hard they still like what the class teaches you and what they are learning.

“I do like French because it’s just a pretty cool new language to learn. Only certain parts of the class are hard but mostly it’s easy and fun to learn. I chose French because one day I want to move to Quebec for a year or two,” Brett Bogie (10) said.