Review: American Vandal


American Vandal is a Netflix mockumentary series. It was directed by Tony Yacenda.

Justyce Reed

American Vandal is a mockumentary filled with mystery, drama and comedy. Best friends, Peter Maldonado and Sam Ecklund discover who the culprit is behind elaborate school pranks. The boys investigate the different crimes that take place in high schools over their area. The two seasons of the series show intense behind the scenes detective work.

In the first season, they focus on a highschool student, Dylan Maxwell, with a not-so-good reputation, that was accused of vandalizing his teachers cars. Peter and Sam then go to the school to investigate what happens and who did it. In the second season, they focus on students that were given laxatives in the school lemonade. In both seasons they show dark comedy with melodramatic twist and turns.

With each season, one person, usually the school troublemaker, is blamed for the crimes. Throughout the episodes, the culprit becomes more and more evident until the final episode when what you thought was wrong the whole time. Each season has a great ending that keeps the viewer guessing who-dun-it. The suspense and drama but also comic relief that this show brings is really creative.

I recommend this series for anyone who likes funny, mysterious, suspenseful  shows.