Lolla: A Lie?


Lollapalooza is an annual musical festival that takes place in Chicago. The festival took place on Aug. 1-4 this year.

Radosav Mihajlovic

As the ever so popular music festival, Lollapalooza, nears, tickets begin to go on sale. Today, Mar. 19, 2019, marks the day that the 4-day General Admission tickets are released for the public to purchase. With prices ranging from $340-$4,200, people all around the world are rushing to get access to the high profile spectacle that takes place in Chicago from Aug. 1-4.

Personally, I did not buy my tickets for this year for many reasons. The main reason being that they did not even release the lineup. In my opinion, I find it quite ridiculous to buy four days worth of tickets to see artists who are not yet confirmed. I believe that is lunacy in its finest form. However, Lollapalooza is playing their cards right. They know that it would increase their ticket sales if people went because of who was speculated to go.

Second of all, it is way too expensive. Yes, there are well over 100 artists and bands that perform every year; however, I am certain that not one of all 400,000 attendees is able to see each and every artist that the festival has to offer. That is just my opinion, though.

All in all, I feel as if Lollapalooza is an overhyped, overly sweaty event that jeopardizes the safety of our minds and bodies as well as the safety of our wallets.