Always in the Slopes


Elizabeth Sulek (10) has grown up skiing with her family since she was four years old. Recently Sulek decided to change from skiing to snowboarding.

Katharine Mahoney

Elizabeth Sulek (10) has recently discovered a passion for snowboarding. She first learned to ski when she was younger, but decided to transition into snowboarding. Her and her family go out a few times each year where she is able to improve upon her skills.

“I started snowboarding because I grew up skiing [and have been] since I was four and I wanted to try something new. I picked it up within a day of starting since I had a background [with] skiing and it’s been great since then,” Sulek said.

Sulek has been working hard to improve upon her snowboarding skills. She puts in a lot of hard work and effort when she goes snowboarding to try and accomplish her goals. She has also found many reasons to love what she is doing.

“I really like all of the different tricks that you can do on a snowboard and how you have to work and put effort in to achieve the tricks. I also like the movement of it and how you have to be agile and work the edges of the board and it’s extremely fun to do,” Sulek said.

While Sulek is at the ski resort, she works tirelessly to execute her new tricks. She is able to practice her new tricks because she has the opportunity to go out a couple times a year to a ski resort.

“I try to snowboard out west around twice a season and like two to four other times a season around here in the midwest,” Sulek said.

Since Sulek has practiced a lot, she has been able to visit and experience different places where she is snowboarding. Each ski resort she has been to has something different to offer.

“I have recently gone to park city in Utah, which is the biggest ski resort in the U.S. and that wa a really fun resort to ride since it was huge. I have also been to many different resorts in Colorado such as Breckenridge and Vail,” Sulek said.