Q & A: Blessing Nnate (11)


Blessing Nnate (11) is currently taking AP Calculus BC, AP English 11 and AP Government. Nnate, Catherine Economopoulos (11) and Sophia Powers (11) pose outside after Marching Band.

Kayla Price

Q: What classes are you taking and what is your favorite?

A: “This year I’m taking AP Calculus BC, AP English 11 and AP Government. My favorite is AP Calculus.”

Q: How do you balance all the classes?

A: “The way I balance my classes is by planning out what’s due and when, and working on things in chunks if I need to. For instance, if I have a lot of calculus [homework] and a giant English thing to do, I’ll work on some calculus [and] then I’ll do a couple parts of my English project one day and then do some more the next day.”

Q: Are you doing anything outside of school?

A: “Outside of schoolwork, I do track and String Club. I also take piano lessons.”

Q: Why did you choose to take the AP classes?

A: “I took AP classes because I wanted a challenge. I knew that if I did well on them it would look good on my transcript and colleges would like it.”

Q: What AP tests are you taking?

A: “I’m taking the AP Calculus, AP English and AP Government tests.”

Q: What are you most nervous for?

A: “I’m not really all too worried about them to be honest. I know that in calculus, we spend mid to late April reviewing for the test and AP English isn’t too bad from what I heard. AP Government is basically a giant vocab test and I understand the concepts, so I feel good overall.”

Q: Where do you plan on going to college?

A: “My dream school is the University of Chicago.”

Q: What do you want to major in?

A: “I have no clue what I want to major in but [probably] something with biomedical sciences, neuroscience, cardio science or psychology.”