Taking a Break at Home


Students talk about staying home for spring break. These students were excited to relax at home and get a break from school.

Luke Hamilton

During this time of the year, excitement and anticipation for spring break trips buzz around the school. However, students are unaware of what the students who stay home during break do to enjoy their time.

“I’m excited for break because I feel relaxed when I can stay at home. I can sleep in and I don’t have to worry about school the next day,” Ava Oureta (10) said.

With social media being a key place of importance in this day and age, many students post pictures of their vacations. However, most students who stay at home during break are still happy for them after seeing their pictures because their peers are able to experience something fun.

“I’m happy for the people who get to go to cool places over spring break but I guess I’m a little envious because I wish I could too,” Carissa Mansfield (11) said.

With so many travel destinations around the world, there are many places to go to and experience. The students staying home wish they could be traveling somewhere new, but have to stay home anyway.

“I definitely wish I could go somewhere, like really badly. If I could go somewhere it would probably be California or Florida,” Emily Dahn (10) said.

As said already, a lot of the students staying home would enjoy going to some foreign travel destination. However, some are still fine with exploration a little closer to home.

“I hope to take small trips throughout the area with my friends in Chicago, malls, parks, and more,” Amy Zochalski (10) said.