Review: Inside the American Mob


“Inside the American Mob” depicts the violence, loyalty and wealth brought on by being an American mobster in New York City during the ‘70s. Mobsters talked about the true meaning of La Cosa Nostra and what tricks they used to stay alive while law enforcement officials released details about the crime ring.

Reyna Mahan

Those who lived it and those who tried to kill it, reveal, in eye-opening detail, the world inside of the American mafia in a six-episode series on Netflix. This show documents former mobsters, as well as FBI agents, exposing the empire of the deadly crime ring, known as the mob, and revealing the true meaning of La Cosa Nostra between the Gambino, Lucchese, Genovese, Bonanno and Colombo families.

The first episode opens with former mobster, Salvatore Polisi, from the Gambino family talking about the crime and violence that ruled the streets of New York City in the ‘70s. Then, the show starts to break down the five families by introducing the positions within the families like the boss. After this opening scene closes, the show pulls you in, leaving you to want to know more about these American Mobsters and their secrets.

Reaching into the second episode, you can nearly blink because if you do, you might miss a secret being told from a mobster or an FBI agent. The second episode documents the 1978 war with the American mob against American law enforcement. Former FBI agent, Joe Pistone, AKA Donnie Brasco, reveals how he was the first FBI agent to successfully infiltrate the Bonanno family leaving you mind boggled, but fascinated.

As the show continues, the audience gets a better look into La Cosa Nostra or the mob, among the five families. While most of the families like to keep their identities secret, for their protection, one mobster, John Gotti does not. With most of the mafia family bosses in jail, John Gotti sees chaos as an opportunity to get attention making two episodes of this series the rise and fall of Gotti. At this point in the show, the episodes and information leave you sitting at the edge of your chair. A lot of “Oh my gosh,” “This is crazy,” and “No way” should be expected as the show reveals more mind blowing information about the American mafia. Though some parts can be graphic, at this point it helps reveal the real world of the mafia.

Once you have reached episode five in the series, you think you have learned everything there is to know about the American mob. Episode six,however, proves that feeling wrong as it reaches into the lowest point of the mob, exposes court sentences and shows most of the five families have been imprisoned for life. The FBI and the streets of New York City start to feel a relief, but it is not the last time they will deal with the American mafia. Though the series closed off in a good way, the sixth episode will have you wishing there was an episode seven to the series.

This six-episode series sheds light into the American mob, its meaning and the loyalty and wealth that come along with it. From seeing real mobsters to experienced FBI agents this show will leave you at the edge of your seat the entire time. If you are a junkie for documentaries about crime and mystery this is the show for you. It will have you speechless, mind boggled, and fascinated all at the same time.