Plan Your Future Now


This mother listens to Mrs. Bereda talk about financial aid options. Mrs. Bereda told the audience about her son’s experience applying to colleges.

Yousef Nammari

On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, parents and students attended the Fourth Annual College Planning Night in the auditorium. Students of all grades were able to learn about Naviance, an online software that prepares students for college applications. Parents were informed about financial aid options, course requirements and the college application process.

“I came to this meeting to learn more about what it takes to get into colleges and what they expect from you,” Drew Bosnak (11) said.

The meeting was led by Mrs. Bereda and Mrs. Melissa Rettig, both guidance staff at Lake Central High School. They instructed students how to search for a college/university, how to get letters of recommendation, and how to visit college fairs.

“Our goal is to give parents and students a general idea of the college application process. It is a process. There’s going to be happy times and sad times. Don’t get frustrated; there’s a light at the end of the tunnel,” Mrs. Sherrie Bereda, guidance, said.

Some main points that were covered last night involved SAT and ACT scores, FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and scholarships. Parents were told when to send their children’s test scores to colleges to be eligible for scholarships. Students were told what was required from them to be able to receive grants and loans -both Financial Aid which does not have to be paid back- from colleges.

“We want students to know that if you have any questions, come see your guidance counselors. We want to make this process for both parents and students as seamless as possible,” Bereda said.