Q&A: Ainsley Rothgeb (10)


Ainsley Rothgeb (10) is taking the life savings class offered at Lake Central. This class gets students certified to become lifeguards.

Julie Wasyliw

Q: Why did you decide to take life savings?

A: “I took life savings because I think it has good knowledge for real life plus it’s a different kind of learning. One where you aren’t taking notes and sitting down all day. Plus you can get a job as a result.”

Q: Are you hoping to get a job as a lifeguard? Where do you want to work?

A: “I don’t want to be a lifeguard [at a specific pool]. I would rather just life guard the parties and meets at the high school.”

Q: What do you like and dislike about this class?

A: ”I love how you don’t take notes and you get up and moving around. You also get to socialize and I have a lot of friends in my class so it’s a lot of fun. It’s very interactive and engaging. I’m a very quiet person so I guess if I had to dislike something it’s probably that you always have attention on you from the other life guards and classmates. It can get pretty stressful but it’s necessary.”

Q: What do you find easy and difficult in this class?

A: “ Everything gets easier the more you do it but I think the easiest thing we’ve done was just learning different ways to enter the water. Those were things that really didn’t take me much skill. The harder things are definitely getting the dummy from the bottom of the pool and probably CPR just because there’s so many numbers to remember and you have to go at the right speed.  Also surface dives for me were hard. I just couldn’t get them for the life of me no matter how hard I tried.”

Q: What are you hoping to do with what you learn in the class?

A: “I’m hoping that I can take away enough knowledge and confidence that if I did see an emergency that I would be able to help and provide the correct care and save someone.”

Q: What if your favorite activity you have done in the class and why?

A: “ My favorite activity so far is probably when we put [skills] together in groups. Like the rescue and getting the victim out of the water and doing CPR. It just feels good to finally put all your knowledge to the test and see how far you’ve come.”

Q: Do you think that more students should take this class? Why?

A: “I totally think more students should take the class. It’s a very unique experience and you get a lot of knowledge from it. Plus you aren’t always sitting in a class. You’re up moving and talking. It’s just a good mental break while learning skills you can actually use in real life.”