Leaving it all on the Court


Both the varsity and JV teams exchange encouraging words before the match. This was only the second match of their season.

Audrey DiFilippo

On Tuesday, April 9, the girls’ tennis team faced Lowell. the varsity team won 5-0 and the JV team won 8-3.  

“Varsity won 5-0 and JV was 8-3. I think everyone was very happy with the overall score,” Elizabeth Sulek (10) said.

This was the second match of the girls’ season. The girls’ are looking forward to working together as a team.

“The season is going really well so far. We had two matches so far and we won against both teams,” Jenny Tulsiak (10) said.  

For many on the JV team, this is their first year playing for LC. Having someone older help guide you through makes all the difference.

“Having the older girls really helps, especially for the new girls that might not know as much,” Sulek said.

The seniors have been helping tremendously this season by making the newer girls feel more welcome.

“I think it’s helpful that we have such encouraging seniors this year that really help us to do our best and hype us up before a game. Our seniors are good and really respectable. I think for me personally that since I’ve developed trust between them it makes me feel comfortable being part of the team,” Tulsiak said.

The girls’ are hoping to carry their wins throughout the season. For the whole team, the girls are looking for many victories in the upcoming weeks.

“The season is going really well and I think we will carry our positive attitude all the way through the season,” Sulek said.