The Indians Defeat the Crown Point Bulldogs


Kyle Blum (11) races towards first base after a great hit to the outfield. The boys dominated the game winning 13-11.

Mariana Bendinelli

On Tuesday April 9, 2019, the boys JV baseball team played against the Crown Point Bulldogs. The boys started of scoring back and forth through the innings. Nathan Oakley (10) pitched the first couple innings, throwing great pitches and helping the team.

“The game went well on Tuesday. We hit the ball very well but our defense was a little rocky. We had some errors that kept the game really close. The team hit well. The weakness was our defense. The way we get better is that we learn from our mistakes and fix them the next day at our game. I hope to see the team do well this season,” Jake Adamczewski (10) said.

In the middle of the game, the boys were down and had to fight for the rest of the game. Luckily, the boys came back with a grand slam, scoring enough points to be in the lead by one run.

“Our game against Crown Point on Tuesday went really well. We got ourselves a well-earned win. That game makes us 7-0 on the year so far. I think we played really good. As a team, I think our biggest strength was hitting. Some of our weaknesses was pitch location on the mound. We are going to work hard at practice like we always do to clean up some of those weaknesses. I hope to see us enjoy the season and have a fun time together,” Oakley said.

Throughout the whole game, the boys had to play hard to win. They worked hard and won against the Bulldogs by two runs with a final score of 13-11. The boys still have a lot to improve on for their future games but are working their hardest to keep their winning streak.

“The game went really well. I feel like everyone contributed in the game to give us a win. Some strengths are the fact that we all hit the ball. A weakness is we could have limited the mistakes we had. We will keep practicing and working hard to limit those mistakes and I hope to keep winning,” Armani Sanchez (10) said.