Marian strikes out


Jenna Towle (12) runs to first base. There were three games that day.

Amber Murray

On Saturday, April 13, the varsity softball team competed against Mishawaka Marian for the first game of the Lake Central Classic. The girls won with a score of 7-1.

“We did really good. I was really proud of our pitcher because she struck out a lot of people. The other team was kind of cocky and it got on our nerves, so I was really glad we put them in their place,” Alexa Sherlund (12) said.

Even with individual struggles, the team came together as a whole to beat their competitors.

“My first setback was I grounded out, I had a weak rounder. As a team we played really well, I think. Probably wouldn’t change anything about it,” Jenna Towle (12) said.

Competing against a team that you know can be be hard, but when you don’t know the team and how they play, that can make the game even more challenging.

“[This game was different from past ones because] we’ve never played this team before. Also, since they got on our nerves and were cocky since most other teams aren’t,” Sherlund said.

The teams next game is April 17 versus Michigan City at home.