Easter Opinion Story


Many people from all around the world celebrate Easter every year. This holiday is about not only celebrating Jesus Christ’s resurrection, but also spending quality time with friends and family.

Mackenzie Guthrie

Easter is a holiday celebrated by many Christians worldwide on the sunday where Jesus Christ’s resurrection took place. Church services are held on this sunday with candles, flowers, and music to celebrate this special holiday. Easter is a day to celebrate Jesus Christ and his rising.

Easter is a holiday with an atmosphere filled with love and happiness, which is why Easter happens to be one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. From decorating easter eggs to spending quality time with friends or family, Easter is a day full of fun activities spent with people I love.

Every year on Easter, my sister and I like to decorate eggs together and make them all different colors and designs. This is one of my favorite parts about Easter, because I get to have fun and spend time with my sister. Our eggs always turn out looking really cool with the design we drew on them.

My family and I always go out to brunch on Easter. I love going out to eat with my family because I get to see my cousins who I haven’t seen in a long time. It’s very nice to be able to catch up with family members and spend time with them. The place we go to for brunch has amazing food, and it’s one of my favorite places to eat.

My favorite memory from Easter was when my cousins and I were younger and we used to go on easter egg hunts in my grandma’s backyard. We would always try and collect the most eggs, and whoever ended up having the most eggs won a prize, which usually consisted of chocolate or other candies.

I love the different things associated with Easter, such as the Easter Bunny, easter egg hunts, and candies and chocolate. The holiday Easter as a whole brings out such a positive vibe. I also love the fashion during Easter, and how people get all dressed up in pastel colors and fancy outfits for the holiday.

Easter is by far one of the best holidays to celebrate because of the events that take place on this day. With all of the fun events that take place on this sunday every year, to spending time with friends and family, nothing can compare to Easter.