Review: The Curse of La Llorona


Bianca Matchain

Growing up in a Mexican-American household, I was familiar with the old folktale of La Llorona. I had high hopes for this movie as it is an interesting story that brings part of my culture to the big screen. For many generations parents use La Llorona as a threat against their children when they are not behaving. Her targets are children because in the old folktale it is said she drowned her two children out of rage after learning her husband was cheating on her. Soon after she committed this crime, she felt guilty and drowned herself in the river. As she was ready to enter the afterlife, she was denied until she found the whereabouts of her children. Her ghost captures wandering children mistaking them for her own. Those who hear La Llorona weeping is to be brushed with death in the near future.

The main story focuses on a family of a widowed mother with two kids. As the mother, Anna, is trying to balance her children and her job as a social worker, she runs into a disturbing situation at the Alvarez home. The children were found locked in a closet decorated with strange markings resembling human eyeballs. After La Llorona takes those children, she soon finds a way into Anna’s family to threaten those children. The threats continue throughout the film as she haunts this family. This movie is not for those looking for a horror or scary film.

Overall this movie did not satisfy my expectations and the storyline felt flat. There is not much thrill or jump scares. I would not recommend seeing this movie