A Meet for the Books


Cara Eklund (10) leaps over the last hurdle in her event. The next girls varsity track meet will be held at home on April 30, 2019.

Ashley Robinson

The sub-par weather on April 24 did not phase the girls track team from defeating their opponents. In fact, two of the girls crushed previous school records. Makeda Ellis (12), a shot put thrower, broke the school record for the fifth time at the meet.

“I [have done] shot put since eighth grade. I broke the record again. I threw a [distance of] 45 [feet] and 8 and a half [inches] so I was very proud of it and everyone was there to see it happen.,” Ellis said.

Due to her incredible talent and execution, Ellis is considering joining the throwing squad at her future college.

“I do want to throw [in the future] but only at Indiana University because that’s where I’m [academically] going for college,” Ellis said.

Dominating the meet was LaTreasure Johnson (10) in her event of the long jump. She flew a total of 19 feet and 4 inches- a whopping 3.75 inches farther than the previous record.

“She went from being seventh to breaking the school record in one week. It was cool to see her do that because she’s only a sophomore and is already one of the best in the state,” Riley Knestrict (10) said.

Thanks to the two girls’ notable performances and the incredible works of their teammates, the Indians came out on top, beating both the Michigan City Wolves and the Chesterton Trojans.

“We knew that this was going to be our hardest meet when we went into it and a lot of our motivation comes from working together as a team and wanting to do well for each other. After we won, we were really excited because if we win this season in the DAC it will be Mr. [Ron] Fredrick’s, [English], twelfth season strait going undefeated,” Knestrict said.

The next meet against La Porte High School will be held at home on April 30 at 4:30 p.m.