JV Girls Defeat the Portage Softball Team


Madison Zielke (10) is winding up. Zielke pitched the game against Portage High School.

Luke Hamilton

Girls JV Softball played against Portage on Wednesday, April 24th. The girls won 11-0.

“I feel like the game went very well. We all hit the ball very hard and we all had great plays in the field,” Gabrielle Fredrickson (10) said.

Girls on the team felt a lot of emotions going into the season. Some were a mix of nervousness and excitement.

“Going into the game I definitely was excited. The last time we played Portage it was a really good game,” Olivia Balog (9) said.

One of the pitchers, Madison Zielke (10) speaks about how she has changed throughout the season. Zielke said that, at first, she was very nervous to pitch.

“In the beginning of the season, I was pretty nervous and wasn’t throwing a lot of strikes. Tonight, I think I threw pretty good and all my pitches were working really well. I hope to keep improving on all my pitches and see what is in store for me throughout the season,” Zielke said.