Backstage Boys


Connor Hall (10) stands in circle with the rest of his group. Hall participated in their breathing exercises.

Kelly Hayes

On May 8, Mrs. Neth’s second hour theatre class presented their improv show for the rest of their class. At the beginning of class, Mrs. Neth addressed the class telling the group they have 10 minutes to practice and warm-up in the black box before performing, while the rest of the class were to wait patiently in the lobby.

“Okay let’s do our breathing exercises and then we’ll practice our intro. Alright ready? One, two, three, breathe in…breathe out,” Stephine Colby (11) said.

The groups name was the Backstage Boys. Once the other students started filing in to the room, the Backstage Boys got behind the curtain waiting for “I want it that way” to start so they could come out. Members of the group came out of the curtain one by one saying their names. Once they were all out on stage they made a pose and moved their sunglasses down the the bottom of their nose and walked back the the curtain. The show was about to begin.

“We’ll all come out and just do the sunglasses thing, it’s easy and simple,” Liz Day (11) said.

The group took suggestions from the audience for things they could “rant” about and then make scenes about. The asked for an animal, “tiger”, movie,“ Grease”, book, ”Harry Potter”,color, “Black”, a number, “27”, a name, “Patricia”, a food, “beet”. Many shouts could be heard from all across the room. Now one of the group members must break from the line and stand in front of their group and ‘rant’ about something related to one of the suggestions.

“Patricia, Patricia,” Janilla Hendley-Crayton took a pause to turn to her friend,” They should pick Patricia it would be funny,” Hendley-Crayton (9) said.

While someone was in front ranting another group member from the back was to come up and start a scene with the ranter relating to what they were just ranting about. Conner Hall (10) was ranting about how he hated old people, when Hanna ? stepped out of the line and stood hunched over and holding her back right next to Hall.

“What were you talking about hating old people boy?” Hanna Errihani (9) said.

“Grandma, where’d you come from?”  Conner Hall(10) answered.

Nearing the end of the performance they performed on last scene combining all the other scenes they had just done. Once the scene was finished they stood back into their original line position and bowed.

“Thank you all for coming,” Backstage Boys said.